Overnight treks

The variety of treks that the Toubkal region offers is huge - ranging from straightforward  3 day cultural type village to village treks to multi-week-long high level trekking with remote camping.

We have a number of standard itinerary "off the peg" trips and will run these with a minimum of 2

Examples of End to end treks

Tin Mal to Toubkal

It's a good introduction to the western side of the Toubkal range and covers a mixture of valley / village trekking as well as passing over high cols to finish at the base of Toubkal. Takes about 5 days.

Toubkal to Mgoun

Some companies market this as a "traverse of the High Atlas". Whilst it certainly is a traverse, it is not in any way a traverse of the entire range! It does have appeal however in linking up these 2 famous peaks much as the Haute Route in the Alps links Mt Blanc and the Matterhorn. Passes through some stunning countryside and gorges. Takes 10 days to 2 weeks again depending on how many rest days you want!

Examples of Circuit Treks

Village to Village trekking

This type of trekking can be done pretty much in any part of the Toubkal region (north or south of the main watershed). Duration of the treks can be as long or short as you like.

Tours of Toubkal

4-10 days generally will see completion of the circuit depending on the number of deviations you do along the way. Often the route is not open to mules until early to mid June due to late lying snow over some high passes and stays open until October time. Camping en-route is the norm.


Background / Introduction

We offer a wide range of customised and personal trips to suit most budgets, ambitions and ability levels - ranging from walking at village level to multi-week long technical traverses of the main spine of the Atlas ridge.

The High Atlas Mountains of Morocco are still very much in the "exploratory" state the Alps were a hundred years ago and indeed even to-day there are still valleys which wouldn't see (m)any non-nationals from one end of the year to the next!. Whilst all the main summits in the High Atlas have been climbed, many connecting ridges have either never been fully completed or have only a handful of recorded traverses. Exploratory trips in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains are therefore still possible!

We want to help design the best programme and itinerary to suit your ambitions! Therefore please do contact us with your ideas - that's what we're here for!

What we provide

  • Guide - be it a trekking trip in the villages or a multi-day long winter traverse of a technical ridge, our guides are in the top-league! To get the best out of your trip, we suggest you don't leave for the hills without one! Their trip food & accommodation costs are also included in the price.
  • Mule / muleteer - includes us providing food for both the mule(!) and muleteer throughout your trip and also their accommodation costs. Please also note that if you are requiring mule hire, your baggage should not weigh more than 20KG per person which will mean one mule can serve 2 persons plus their food etc. If you bring more baggage than this, then you may have to hire an extra mule!
  • Accommodation - in the mountains (depending on the type of trip you have designed with us) will be typically a mixture of Berber village houses; gites; small local pensions; mountain refuges ("huts" like the Alps) and if you are staying high then use of our expedition Terra Nova & North Face tents.  
  • Food - price includes one of our great cooks to cook for you throughout. Also all their accommodation costs etc are included.
  • Private transport - private minibus / 4X4 depending on exactly where you are going


Morocco is a great place to bring families - there's so much to do for all ages! At Berber HomeStay we're well used to family trips. From 1 year olds up, we provide plenty of on and pre-trip support and a big choice of itineraries to choose from - the main thing is to ensure that all the family have a holiday to remember (for all the right reasons!).
Depending on the ages of the children on the trip, we alter the number of hours spent "on the go" as small children (and their parents!) tend to like to have some down time whilst older children and teenagers are often "up for it" - whatever about their parents!

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